23rd NZ Scout Jamboree - T-Shirt Size Chart

HALF chest measurement (in cms)
Taken underarm to underarm of a shirt lying flat 

First measurement is width, second measurement is height


Youth T-Shirt
4 32cm x 46cm
6 36cm x 50cm
8 40cm x 56cm
10 42cm x 61cm
12 44cm x 66cm
14 46cm x 71cm
Adult T-Shirt
S 48.5cm x 68cm
M 52cm x 70cm
L 56cm x 73cm
XL 60cm X 76cm
2XL 64cm x 79cm
3XL 68cm x 81cm
4XL 72cm x 83cm
5XL 76cm x 85cm
Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt
LXS 38cm x 62cm
LS 43cm x 64cm
LM 48cm x 66cm
LL 53cm X 68cm
LXL 58cm x 70cm
L2XL 64cm x 72cm
L3XL 70cm x 74cm
Please note, measuring around a body and halving the measurement does not work.